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In which I apologise, and bring happy-making news


In my defence, I was not allowed near the computer due to exams. But that is no excuse!

So to make up for this, I bring good news! I found out why Zane died!

Some of you may already know this, but I found this out a while back, and thought it would be good news to those poor fangirls who have mourned the loss of Zane since reading Specials.

Scott: One of the dumb things Hollywood does is show us wars in which only extras and minor characters get killed. But in real life, everyone is the star of their own movie. So in real wars, everyone who’s killed is someone important—not just an extra or a bit player.

So once I realized that Specials was about a war, I felt it would be dishonest for only minor characters to get killed. Someone important to Tally had to die, and Zane was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So there you go! Don’t rip me to peices for not posting, okay?

Never Again, and I MEAN IT

It was a crap idea, okay! I admit it! There, your great leader admits that she was wrong! I never said you had to go through with it! Why do you listen to everything I say anyway?!

and now you won’t let me get out of it. I’m going to kill you!!!! AAHHHH!!

no more annual Akatsuki week, okay?

Goodbyes is Sad-making

all the seniors be gone on study leave.

i don’t know what’s worse, knowing that my friends in year 13 aren’t comming back, or that my friends in years 11 & 12 ARE comming back.

but saying goodbyes is sad.

and saying goodbyes to the fawesome leaders of teh anime union is even sadder.

R.I.P. all the year 13’s i knew and actually liked

Welcome, Mr Key

Another (smaller) election happened yesterday, and NZ now has a new Prime Minister. Congrats, John Key. I think we needed someone younger and newer, just like the US of A, and you’re perfect for the job.

Did you hear that Helen Clark resigned as leader of the Labour Party? She really needs to retire though, she’s been Prime Minister for how long? Twelve years? Oops wait, nine years. Still…

*Is in total agreement with Justine Larbalestier. We needs fixed terms here as well*

New Pages

There’s now a Member’s Page, a FanFics page and a Playlists page. Go check them out!

(they’re at the top, silly)

Feeling Slightly Anti-Stephenie Meyer – And Feeling Sad Because of That

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Twilight series as much as the next person. And I loathe it when people complain about stuff (especially authors/books) on their blogs. But I’m starting to cringe every time I hear the name Edward. This is why:

1. The Twilight craze has finally hit New Zealand. I can’t turn around at school without seeing someone reading one of the books. And to make it worse, most of these are the people I have never been caught dead reading the same books as they do. But they all want to borrow MY copies! Ugh. I can no longer make obscure references to Twilight because everyone’s reading it! And if I hear one more person declaring love for Edward, I shall explode.

2. Breaking Dawn was a fiasco. Some of it was okay, but it pretty ruined the entire series for me.


4. The fact that Midnight Sun was put on hold indefinately has really annoyed me. I don’t blame Steph for doing it (heck knows I would if something like that happened to me) but WHOEVER LEAKED THOSE SPOILERS SHOULD BE DROPPED IN BOILING OIL!

My rant is now officially over. Please resume your normal lives.

Obama hath won

the title pretty much sums it up

i feel like tacos…


Why is it that all my favourite YA writers from Aussie and the US of A seem to know each other? It’s like a massive Good Writers clique!

But I shall endeavor not to complain, because this clique results in some of the funniest stuff. Like, um, Scott-la eating soap.

Go see it for yourself:

I seem to like the letter J

i kinda noticed that quite a few of the guys (almost all fictional) i like have names that begin with J

like Jace Wayland, Jacob Black, Jasper Cullen and Jude McGregor

and Jake-la, I suppose you can go on the list. But NO GLOATING, OKAY?!

Happy Halloween

yep, it’s Halloween today! So have fun trick or treating, and come to the BIG HALLOWEEN BASH! It’s gonna be icy!

Update: don’t forget to check out the new fanfics sections and members page!


just got a solar powered light up Itachi keyring!

Itachi is my favourite character from Naruto

here is one happy otaku…


Bogus to bubbly came out yesterday (pause for WOOT!). And I just got it today!

So incredibly fawesome!!!! I love the maps, and all the slang definitions. plus the whole section on NANOS.



number 24, right between Fallen and courtney-wa. see? it says LOTTI-WA, in black and white. and there is no one else called lotti-wa on Scott’s blog. So that’s ME!!!!!!

quick! wrap the book in cellophane, and store it upright on the shelf!

Shanalogic ish Fawesome!

eeee, I just ordered my Christmas presents off Shanalogic (If you haven’t ever been on it, what is wrong with you?)


Well Thanks for Ruining Christmas…

Well, at least I know why stores have their Christmas decorations out already. It’s to make people get into the spirit of buying stuff so that the store doesn’t close down because of the crashing stock markets. So Christmas is basically a pointless, over-comercialized, money-making ploy. Yay.


Has anyone noticed the cute little smiley down at the bottom of the page?

Infected (ooh)

So I’m reading this new book. It’s called Infected, and it’s by someone called Scott Sigler. The blurb goes somewhat like this:

Across America, an mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, themselves, and even their own families.

The book screams Scott Westerfeld in so many ways. The storyline is so Peeps that it’s scary, but the way it’s written reminds me of The Risen Empire. And while it is a lot more gory (and has way more dirty words) than Scott’s YA books, this is an adult novel, you know. Plus, the author’s name is Scott? Why are they all named Scott?

*Conspiracy theory time*

This is one of the books that Scott ghost-wrote! It’s even got hooptedoodle about trematodes and parasitic wasps, just like Peeps!

Go read it and see

UPDATE: Okay, I just read the end of the book, and I have decided there is no way Scott-la ghost-wrote it, because the ending is really lame, and all of Scott’s books end really well, even if they are sad-making, like the end of Blue Noon and Specials. Especially Specials. WHY OH WHY DID YOU KILL ZANE, SCOTT-LA?

Wai Christmas is Depressing Moi…

yes, I love Christmas. I time of giving, a time of family, a time of PRESENTS.

But don’t you just hate it when stores put out their Christmas stuff in SEPTEMBER? It’s not even Halloween yet!

That’s the rule isn’t it? You can’t put up you decorations until after Halloween.


hahaha, so funny jake

(but maybe I shall eat my neighbours. They do annoy me)

i’m messing up her blog…

hiya this is jake messing up lotti’s blog (she left it on her account. tee hee)

in case ur wondering where she is, she’s in the kitchen scarfing down raw meat, before she eats those pesky neighbours of hers…


ok, she’s gonna be pissed off when she sees dis, so i’m escaping now