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Why is it that all my favourite YA writers from Aussie and the US of A seem to know each other? It’s like a massive Good Writers clique!

But I shall endeavor not to complain, because this clique results in some of the funniest stuff. Like, um, Scott-la eating soap.

Go see it for yourself:


Stalking the Warlock

Cassandra Clare has posted an excerpt from her new book, The Clockwork Princess. And guess who pops up in it?

“And that there,” Magnus said, looking across the room at Will. “The boy with the angry looks and the eyes like twilight in Hell. That’s Will?”
“That is unfortunately Will,” Tessa acknowledged.
“He’ll be in demand tonight,” Magnus predicted. “He’s very pretty, and vampires like that.” He narrowed his eyes. “Black hair and blue eyes,” he added, with a sort of drawl. “My favorite.”


We Love You Alec!


Alec is so cute

I should really hate Magnus

But I can’t

Clary/Simon/Jace vs Bella/Jacob/Edward

Love Triangles seem to feature in many, many YA books. The Uglies series would have been nowhere near as interesting without Tally having to make the choice between Zane and David (still rooting for Zane-la, by the way).

But probably the most important Love Triangle in any YA fiction is the one between Bella, Jacob and Edward in the Twilight series. Still, why do I get the feeling that the one between Clary, Simon and Jace in The Mortal Instuments series is more… interesting?

Here’s a list (yes, I like lists):

 – Jace is much hotter than Edward. He’s just as supernaturally strong/fast/good looking, with the added bonus – he’s an annoying, sarcastic smart-arse. Edward is so polite it’s irritating. And you know how fawesome Jace has to be when I’m not rooting for the vampire.

 – Simon actually has a chance. Yeah, Jacob? No matter how old he is physically, mentally he’s about two years younger than Bella. And while Jacob is her best friend and all, I’m sure the bond between Clary and Simon is stronger.

 – Clary is way more interesting. At times, Bella is really pathetic. Oh Jacob, I can’t choose between you and Edward, even though I know I’ll choose Edward over you.

The whole Bella/Jacob/Edward LT was resolved really sloppily in Breaking Dawn. Imprinting on your best friend/crush’s daughter? There is something just vaguely creepy about that…

It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out in City of Glass.

Lovable Downworlders

Still hyper-excited about the release of City of Ashes. So, in honour of said hyperyness, I’m dedicating this post to the Downworlders I loves.

  1. Magnus Bane. How can you not love him??? He’s fawesome! And the whole Magnus/Alec thing is so very sweet 😉
  2. Raphael. Dios!
  3. Meliorn. Dumps Isabelle on her conceited butt. Has she ever had a guy turn her down like that?
  4. Queen of the Seelie Court. Do not mess with her.
  5. Maia. Probably the only girl (Sorry, werewolf) in the world immune to Jace’s charms.

Magnus is by far the best though.

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