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Never Again, and I MEAN IT

It was a crap idea, okay! I admit it! There, your great leader admits that she was wrong! I never said you had to go through with it! Why do you listen to everything I say anyway?!

and now you won’t let me get out of it. I’m going to kill you!!!! AAHHHH!!

no more annual Akatsuki week, okay?

Goodbyes is Sad-making

all the seniors be gone on study leave.

i don’t know what’s worse, knowing that my friends in year 13 aren’t comming back, or that my friends in years 11 & 12 ARE comming back.

but saying goodbyes is sad.

and saying goodbyes to the fawesome leaders of teh anime union is even sadder.

R.I.P. all the year 13’s i knew and actually liked

Welcome, Mr Key

Another (smaller) election happened yesterday, and NZ now has a new Prime Minister. Congrats, John Key. I think we needed someone younger and newer, just like the US of A, and you’re perfect for the job.

Did you hear that Helen Clark resigned as leader of the Labour Party? She really needs to retire though, she’s been Prime Minister for how long? Twelve years? Oops wait, nine years. Still…

*Is in total agreement with Justine Larbalestier. We needs fixed terms here as well*

New Pages

There’s now a Member’s Page, a FanFics page and a Playlists page. Go check them out!

(they’re at the top, silly)

Obama hath won

the title pretty much sums it up

i feel like tacos…

Wai Christmas is Depressing Moi…

yes, I love Christmas. I time of giving, a time of family, a time of PRESENTS.

But don’t you just hate it when stores put out their Christmas stuff in SEPTEMBER? It’s not even Halloween yet!

That’s the rule isn’t it? You can’t put up you decorations until after Halloween.


hahaha, so funny jake

(but maybe I shall eat my neighbours. They do annoy me)

i’m messing up her blog…

hiya this is jake messing up lotti’s blog (she left it on her account. tee hee)

in case ur wondering where she is, she’s in the kitchen scarfing down raw meat, before she eats those pesky neighbours of hers…


ok, she’s gonna be pissed off when she sees dis, so i’m escaping now