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Happy Halloween

yep, it’s Halloween today! So have fun trick or treating, and come to the BIG HALLOWEEN BASH! It’s gonna be icy!

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Wouldn’t it be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Scott-la-themed Halloween Costume bash? So you have people dressed up as characters from the books, and they go around the streets handing out free scott-themed cookies! Because everyone loves cookies…

so Min and Mozzy can give out strat shaped cookies

ad Cal and Lace can give out peep cat shaped cookies

and Hunter and Jen can give out cookies that say “Cool Maven”

and Dess, Melissa, Rex, Jess and Flyboy can hand out Midnighters symbols shaped cookies (and anti-darkling cookies)

and the Smokies can give out cookies that say “The New Smoke Lives!”

and the Cutters can give out cookies that say “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to”

and Aya and Frizz can give out hovercam shaped cookies

and the Extras can give out, well… any ideas?

And after all the cookie freebies, everyone can go to a huge party. Which will be really cool, because it will be like being inside all of Scott’s books all mushed up together.

I wish.

(Okay, the cookie idea comes to you courtesy of this post in the Westerblog archives