The Bookworm Blog!


If you comment here on this blog, you automaticcally get added to the members page.The names are ordered in face ranks depending on how often you comment or get mentioned

  1. lotti-wa (Boss, just like Shay-la)
  2. Sonja-la
  3. Jake-la
  4. Xxhatelove/lovehatexX
  5. Finn-sensei
  6. moggle-chan
  7. kirby-wa
  8. Tally&Zane-la
  9. michelle
  10. Andrea-la
  11. lana~wa
  12. rexroxmysox
  13. balletbookwurm
  14. valvet

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  1. * loli-chan says:

    lotti wa~~~~ its meeeee if u dont no hu it is by my screen name then MEH, help much? :3

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 6 months ago

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