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You Know You’re a Fangirl if… by sasodeioctembuary

A surprising number of these actually do apply to me.

You know you’re a fangirl if:

1. You have genuinely cried over a fanfic

2. You refer to characters you love by nicknames. For example, instead of “Kakashi” you call him “Kashi” or “Uber sexy Jounin who better not die, dammit.”

3. You celebrate your favorite character’s birthday (bonus points if you have a cake with them on it)

4. You fantasize about your favorite pairing before you go to sleep

5. When you need inspiration for something, you compare it to an anime character. For example, if you have to do fifty lunges, you think “Okay, this is no big. Lee could do this easily and so can I!”

6. You change your speech patterns to match your character. Like talking more politely if you like Lee, using “un” if you like Deidara, acting like a whiney bitch if you like Sasuke, etc.

7. You have multiple plushies of your favorite characters on your bed

8. You’ve made at least two of them do naughty things to each other

9. Your greatest dream is an Akatsuki orgy (minus Konan, of course)

10. You’ve cut your hair in the style of a character you like

11. Your picture files on your computer are flooded with fanart and screenshots

12. You have watched more than 3000 Naruto AMVs or read 500 doujinshis

13. You get extremely angry whenever someone insults a character you like

14. You’ve done the “Nice Guy” pose before on accident

15. You’ve painted your fingernails purple

16. You’ve searched more than a half hour for this one fanfic that you love, and just can’t seem to find, because apparently you’re a total dumbass and forgot to fave it, probably because you’d simply assumed you could find it again, and until you do find it you just KNOW you won’t let yourself off the computer because it would plague you the rest of the day.

17. You own orange legwarmers

18. You “coincidentally” started using huge amounts of mascara when Gaara was introduced into the show

19. You’ve memorized all the theme songs, to the point where you could probably sing them backwards

20. You username is something like “Itachi’sSexKittenlol12”

21. You cried when Deidara, Sasori, Hidan, Kakuzu, and Itachi died (but not Asuma)

22. You check every ten minutes to see if the next chapter is up

23. You have deep conversations about the philosophy of your favorite character, analyzing their psyche and their actions in order to predict what will happen. And when it’s the exact opposite of what you thought, you still claim you knew it all along, because it was so OBVIOUS really, and you saw all the signs before everyone else because you’re just that devoted.

24. You stay committed to a pairing, even though both people in that pairing are dead, and one of them may be a puppet, in which case he COULD NOT HAVE SEX but you totally overlook the fact that he CAN’T FEEL A THING so you can have your yaoi goodness.

25. You like ramen only because Naruto eats it

26. You have viewed pictures of Deidara/Itachi/Neji/Sasuke in a dress

27. You thought it was the most adorable thing in the whole world

28. You honestly believe you’re dating at least one member of the Akatsuki

29. You think everyone wants to hear about how you and Itachi are going to have twenty seven kids and what their names are

30. You’ve put more effort into thinking up the pasts of characters that are unexplained than doing your homework (and you don’t regret this either)

31. You’ve used the phrases “OMLEE”, “OMGAI”, or “Oh my Jashin”

32. You care more about the feelings of your character than people not as important to you, like your immediate family

33. You own and wear those ridiculous headbands, and you like to grumble that you had one BEFORE they became popular, and those poser fans should just stop buying them already

34. You know the complete layout of Konoha, and could give someone directions to Naruto’s apartment off the top of your head

35. You’ve googled at least three characters so you could read their profiles

36. You get inexplicably angry whenever someone gets something wrong about a character

37. You’ve read the same fanfiction more than three times

38. You have seriously considered being a supporter of KakaGai, KisaTobi, or OroSasu

39. You’re no longer bothered by NejiHina or ItaSasu

40. You can’t go more than six hours without saying “Believe it!” or “Dattebayo!”

41. You laugh every time Lee gets drunk, even though it’s the same thing each time and it happens like, every other day

42. You’ve read stories with really sappy titles like “Forbidden Love Among the Broken”

43. You’ve made really poorly written stories in which you are the main character and one of the Akatsuki fall in love with you and you think everyone wants to read: “And then Sasori looked at me, and his eyes were red like gelatin and I felt my heart drop through the floor and we had wild nasty sex in the middle of the forest and Deidara was there too”

44. You practice Hidan’s ritual on neighborhood cats

45. You like Sai only because you think he might be gay and therefore can provide the long awaited yaoi this series needs

46. You coincidentally got into Shougi after you found out Shikamaru liked it

47. You’re willing to overlook horrible, glaring personality flaws, such as being a totally pretentious ass, because you think that character is attractive (*cough* Neji! *cough)

48. You secretly want Orochimaru to hook up with Jiraiya

49. You own at least one cosplay of your favorite character, complete with contacts, birth certificates, scars, voice changer, justu you’ve practiced etc.

50. You actually took the time to read this list the whole way through


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  1. * KT CTO says:

    My total- 31!!!!!!

    Ewwwww nejihina….

    guess which ones i said yes to!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  2. * lotti-wa says:

    36… um, I don’t have a problem. I can stop anytime I want to…


    like I said. no problem…

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  3. * lotti-wa says:

    Wait – you own orange legwarmers???? O.o

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  4. * lotti-wa says:

    ooh, thanks!


    where’s ur blog?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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