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How to Annoy the Akatsuki by lotti-wa

Meh. I have nothing to say about this, except most of them are fairly generic and unoriginal. Enjoy.

How to Annoy the Akatsuki!


Warning: You may be glomped, eaten, blown up, turned into a puppet, trapped in the Tsukuyomi, shredded to pieces, sacrificed, have every bone in your body broken, given a thousand painful papercuts, or just plain killed. Have fun!


  1. Give Tobi sugar
  2. Give Tobi caffeine
  3. Send Orochimaru back when he’s in a “grabby” mood
  4. Tell Tobi he’s not a good boy
  5. Knock Hidan’s head off
  6. Tape his mouth shut so he can’t swear
  7. Then use it to play soccer
  8. Put Kakuzu’s money through a paper shredder
  9. Ask Itachi if he’ll kill your family too. If he says yes, tell him not to forget the little brother this time
  10. Suggest that the only reason why Konan is in the Akatsuki is because she’s screwing Pein
  11. Suggest that the only reason why Pein is in the Akatsuki is because he’s screwing the REAL leader (Konan)
  12. Call Deidara a girl
  13. In front of Sasori
  14. Ask Kisame if he considers eating sushi cannibalistic
  15. Follow Pein around constantly, and tell him you’re playing “follow the leader” 
  16. Sell Hidan to Kakuzu
  17. Cut off Itachi’s hair and tell him he looks JUST like Sasuke
  18. Say “un” every time Deidara tries to speak
  19. Wave a magnet under Pein’s face
  20. Dance around Sasori, singing “I’ve got no strings”
  21. Take Itachi to a Naruto convention, and watch him get mobbed by fangirls
  22. Ask Kisame if the reason why Samehada is so big is because he’s compensating for something
  23. Tell Pein that his “I am god” complex indicates a low self-esteem
  24. Ask Zetsu if he’s really a cannibal, because he’s only half-human
  25. Take Tobi’s mask when he’s asleep
  26. Steal Kakuzu’s money
  27. Try to sell it back to him
  28. Constantly remind Sasori that he got beaten by an old lady and a girl with pink hair
  29. Send Zetsu on a blind date with a tree
  30. Tell Pein he’s basically running a yaoi dating service
  31. Tell all the Akatsuki members to search their own names on
  32. Tell them to search their own names on deviantart
  33. When they’re out on missions with their partners (and are trying to look all badass) exclaim “OMG, you two are SO cute together! How long have you been dating?”
  34. Tell a horde of fangirls where the base is
  35. Tape the reactions of everything above, and post them on youtube

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