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Lovable Downworlders

Still hyper-excited about the release of City of Ashes. So, in honour of said hyperyness, I’m dedicating this post to the Downworlders I loves.

  1. Magnus Bane. How can you not love him??? He’s fawesome! And the whole Magnus/Alec thing is so very sweet 😉
  2. Raphael. Dios!
  3. Meliorn. Dumps Isabelle on her conceited butt. Has she ever had a guy turn her down like that?
  4. Queen of the Seelie Court. Do not mess with her.
  5. Maia. Probably the only girl (Sorry, werewolf) in the world immune to Jace’s charms.

Magnus is by far the best though.

(And don’t forget about this month’s discussion – Was Breaking Dawn a Total Flop?)


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